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A Step by Step Guide to Obtaining a Corian Quotation

Falkingham Fabrication aim to give you the best possible price for your Corian, Staron or Tempest Worktops. As a certified and licensed fabricator you can be sure that your project will be carried out to the highest specification, quickly and efficiently.

Outlined below are the steps to allow us to give you an accurate quotation for your worktops however should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 01772 324231 alternatively please email the details of your worktop to

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  1. Contact Details and Installation Address In order to provide an accurate quotation Falkingham Fabrication require full contact details including the following information. This information is required solely for your worktop quotation and is used to determine cost of delivery to site, allocation of fitting teams and to discuss any issues with your proposed worktop.
    • Full Name
    • Installation Address including any pertinent details eg High Rise Flat. This allows us to determine number of fitters required on install and if any lifting equipment is required. Poor access may also mean we need to fabricate your Corian Worktops or Staron Worktops in smaller pieces and carry out more joins on site.
    • Contact Telephone Number including a convenient time to contact you
    • Email Address Your Quotation and Relevant Information will be emailed to you
    • Timescale Please provide an approximate timescale of when you would like work to commence
    • Room Type Residential eg Kitchen Bedroom Bathroom, Commercial eg Dental Contamination Room, Surgery, Office Please specify room type
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  2. Fabrication Services Required as a certified and licensed fabricator of Corian, Staron and Tempest Worktops we offer a nationwide template, fabrication, fitting and installation service. We operate our own in house teams of fabricators and do not use sub contractors. Using a certified and licensed fabricator allows you to take advantage of the ten year warranty available from both Dupont and Samsung respectively.
    • Templating a full MDF template created onsight enabling a made to measure worktop to be created to the exact dimensions required.
    • Fabrication of worktops including shaping, thermoforming, and manufacturing of your worktops
    • Installation our inhouse team of Certified and Licensed Fabricators install your worktops. This takes place approximately ten working days after your initial template.
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  3. Worktop Information required in order to provide an accurate quotation
    • Kitchen Plan In order to provide an accurate quotation we require a plan of your kitchen which can be emailed to please include details of any potential obstructions and indicate the area worktop is to cover. If you do not have a professional kitchen plan please provide a sketch highlighting shape and dimensions. If you need help with any aspect of this or have any questions please call 01772 324231.
    • Worktop Required. Falkingham Fabrication specialise in the Fabrication of Corian Worktops, Staron Worktops, Tempest Worktops as well as Granite Worktops sourced directly from the quarry. Determining which worktop you are interested in allows us to accurately cost your worktops.
    • Worktop Colour Required With some of these material for example corian worktops the core material is price banded based on the colour. This means that some colours are more expensive than others. As a rule of thumb the colours with the bigger particles in will be more expensive than the solid colours. A list of colours for each product is outlined below. Back to Top of Article
    • Worktop Dimensions
      • Overall Thickness of Worktops Required most standard kitchen worktops are 30mm or 40mm however when using a fabricator you can choose whatever thickness of worktop you require. This can be put to great effect when creating kitchen islands where the thickness of the worktop can be shown to full effect.
      • Length and Width of Each Worktop please provide Length and Width for each piece of worktop you require including any pertinent information such as islands, radiuses and curves.
      • Upstands Required Solid Surface worktops allow for two types of upstand. Which ever upstand type you choose Corian and Staron integrated upstand make a beautiful addition to any worksurface.
        • Coved Upstands (Please specify height) we are able to provide any height required from a small 50mm Upstand to a full height wall cladding. As shown in the picture below coved upstands sweep up from the worktop to the wall seamlessly. This is the more expensive of the two options due to the additional labour involved.

          Coved Upstand

        • Square Upstands (Please specify height) we are able to provide any height required from a small 50mm Upstand to a full height wall cladding. As shown in the picture below the square or standard upstand consists of the two pieces butting up at 90°

          Square Upstand

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      • Splashbacks Required
        • Splashbacks in Corian, Staron or Tempest As a fabricator we are able to create beautiful splashbacks from Corian, Staron and Tempest to compliment your worktop. Splashbacks can be cut to size and shape. They can even be fabricated in a complimentary or contrasting colour. These solid surface splashbacks are easy to clean and maintain, repairable, seamless, and make a beautiful addition to any kitchen worktop. Solid surface splashbacks can also incorporate socket and switch cutouts.
        • Glass Splashbacks Glass splashbacks have become increasingly popular over the past few years and are increasingly featured in modern kitchen design. If you simply have to have a glass splashback we have a wide range of colours and patterned splashbacks available.
      • Cladding Required (Cladding in Corian, Staron, or Tempest)
        • Wall Cladding in Corian, Staron or Tempest As a certified and licensed solid surface fabricator of Corian, Staron and Tempest we are able to provide solid surface wall cladding. Made to measure wall cladding can incorporate sockets and switches as required and can be used to conceal wiring etc in commercial projects.
        • Furniture or Table Cladding We are able to clad existing furniture in either Corian, Staron or Tempest allowing us to create some truly beautiful pieces of furniture. If you are looking for a particular piece of furniture to be fabricated please supply a drawing along with contact details and other pertinent information via email to
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      • Worktop Edges
        • Standard Worktop Edges The standard edges outlined below will not affect your pricing and are included in the fabrication costs of your worktop
          Single Pencil Round Edge Double Pencil Round Edge Single Round Edge Double Pencil Round Edge Single Bevel Edge Double Bevel Edge Single Ovolo Edge Double Ovolo Edge Single Spanish Edge Double Spanish Edge Square Edge Single Imperial Edge
        • Special Worktop Edges The special edges outlined below carry and additional charge and as such will affect the overall cost of your worktop. This is primarily due to the additional material and labour involved.
          Bullnose Edge Concave with Inlay Edge Top or Front Inlay Edge Waterfall Edge Concave Edge Stepped Back Edge
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      • Worktop Returns
        • Return Ends If you require the end of your worktop run to be shaped this can be outlined on your plan or detailed in your quotation information. Some of the options are outlined below.
          Radiused Return End Square Return End Angled Return End Double Radiused Return End Break Front
        • Doglegs or End panels if you require a dogleg or return end panel (Floor to height of worktop for example at the end of an island or breakfast bar) please specify height, width and thickness required. Please also mark its location on your plan.
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  4. Sinks Required
    • Cutout Only / Own Sink If you only require a sink cutout in either Corian, Staron or Tempest, please detail the sink size ie Single bowl, Bowl and half Double Sink. If available please supply make and model of your sink (This is particularly important if you require a belfast sink cutout).
    • Corian Sink / Staron Sinks Corian Sinks and Staron Sinks are made from Corian and Staron respectively and can be seamlessly joined into your worktop. Including the size of your sink base unit helps us to advise you on your sink selection(all we need is the total width of your sink base unit).
      • Corian Sinks
        • Corian Sinks Cast Range Corian Sinks are available in several sizes and shapes. The Cast Corian Sink range is available in four colours shown below. Made from Corian the cast corian sink range can all be seamlessly joined into a Corian worktop. Being joined seamlessly and being made from non-porous Corian there is no where to harbour bacteria or build ups meaning your sink is easy to maintain and will stay looking great. In the unlikely event that the sink becomes damaged, the sink can be repaired or replaced by a certified and licensed fabricator.Visit the Corian Sinks Page
        • Corian Basins Corian Basins are available in the four cast sink colours and can be seamlessly intergrated with your corian worktop to make a beautiful addition to any bathroom. Visit the Corian Sinks Page
        • Corian Sinks Fontana Range Sinks available in all colours of corian and matching exactly to your worktop colour fontana sinks are and excellent choice if you are looking for something special. Although more expensive than the cast sink variety, each sink is bespoke made to match your worktop exactly. Visit the Corian Sinks Page
        • Corian Sinks Mixa Range Sinks available in the corian colour of your choice with a stainless steel base adn in sizes to suit any kitchen. Visit the Corian Sinks Page
        Staron Sinks
        • Staron Sinks Cast Range Staron sinks are available in several sizes and shapes from single bowl sinks to bowl and a half sinks to double bowls. The cast sink range is available in three colours as shown below Staron Sinks Cast Range Colours
        • Staron Sinks Thermoformed Range Available in all the staron colours, staron sinks in the thermoformed range are bespoke made in several size and shapes to exactly match or complement your worktop colour.
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  5. Tap Hole Cut Outs In order to correctly place each of your taps you will require a tap hole cutout. For the purposes of the quotation we only require the number of tap holes required to be cut, however once you order your worktop we will require the make and model of your tap in order to ensure the correct cutout is made. The positioning of the tap will be determined on template.
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  6. Drainer Grooves
    • Straight Flutes As the name suggests straight flute drainer grooves are straight lines which become deeper when moving towards the sink. As Corian, Staron and Tempest are completely non-porous these can be cut directly into the worksurface and then polished. Due to the drainer grooves becoming deeper as they move towards the sink water naturally drains back into the sink.
      Straight Drainer Grooves
    • Patterned Drainer Grooves If your tastes are a little more individual we can create just about any simple pattern for your drainer grooves. It is however worth noting that this will incur an additional cost and can result in no fall drainers. Principally this means that water may not drain back into your sink.
      Oblique Drainer Leaf Drainer Faceted Drainer Curved Drainer Angled Drainer
    • Recessed Drainer For a small additional cost it is possible to recess the entire draining area by 3mm.
      Recessed Drainer
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  7. Hob Cut Out If you require a hob cutout to be made into your worktop please specify. Once your worktop order has been completed we will require make and model number of your hob in order to ensure the correct size of cutout is made. For the purposes of the quote however we will only need to know whether a hob cut out is required.
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  8. Optional Extras and Additions
    • Support Rails Where the worktop spans a distance greater than one metre and is unsupported steel support rails will be required. This will add an additional cost to your worktop based on the length and amount of steel support required. This method of supporting your Corian Worktops and Staron Worktops can be used to create beautiful and extensive ovehangs and breakfast bars.
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    • Window Sills As a fabricator we are able to produce beautifully integrated and seamless window sills in all the corian colours. if you are interested in a quotation for corian window sills please specify thickness, depth and with required along with height from worktop if you require the window sill to be seamlessly integrated.
    • Inlays Both Corian Worktops and Staron worktops can be cut to include inlays of different colours and patterns. These are particularly effective for use in furniture or centre pieces as well as creating interesting edge details
    • Additional Cut Outs We are able to provide additional cut outs for sinks, hobs, wall sockets, double sockets, tap holes, extractors and pop up sockets
    • Chopping Boards If required we are able to provide additional Corian chopping boards. Please advise us that you require additional chopping boards at time of quotation.
    • Hob Bars and Pan Rests We are able to supply sets of integrated hob bars for use with corian worktops and staron worktops. Available in high quality stainless steel these can be integrated into the worktop at a small additional cost.
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